Nico Van Patten is a passionate vocalist, composer, and music producer. He loves to broaden his students' skill sets while also deepening their understanding of music theory, vocal techniques, and anatomy. Specializing in pop songwriting and composing for video games, Nico releases music under the artist name XNVY. He creates electroacoustic compositions, incorporating layers of synthesizers paired with more organic instruments, and reverberated vocal harmonies.

His current influences range from pop artists like Hayley Kiyoko, to film/television composers like Jeremy Zuckerman, and video game composers like Hajime Wakai. Nico cultivated his passion for music and singing in his early childhood, immersing himself in several mediums of musical performance, including instrumental performance (viola, french horn, trumpet and mellophone,) choir singing, and musical theater. Studying studio composition at Purchase College Conservatory of Music, he developed his composition and production skillset, merging his joy in performing with a love for creation and craftsmanship.

XNVY’s synth pop single ‘Sweatpant Blues’ is an optimistic and lighthearted song that sheds light on the feelings that have surfaced for people because of the pandemic, and how the loss of social connection has impacted our day to day life. His sophisticated combination of mellotron and synthesizers with more organic instruments like marimba and music box adds complexity and depth to a piece about such heavy times and emotions.